What We Know About the Terrorist Attack in Vienna

A gunman opened fire in Vienna late in the evening on November 2. He was heavily armed, targeting individuals in the Bermuda Triangle, which is a popular nightlife area in the city.

Most people were having dinner or enjoying some drinks while getting ready for a midnight curfew. Austria had recently implemented new rules in an effort to stem the growing surge of COVID-19 cases.

It took about two days before police were confident in saying that the gunman acted alone. Four people were killed in this terrorist attack, with another 23 reportedly injured.

Police officers killed the suspect to stop the attack.

Who Was the Gunman in the Attack?

Vienna authorities called the event an Islamist terror attack. The gunman was identified as a 20-year-old who had been jailed for almost two years after trying to join the Islamic State jihadists in Syria. The individual, who we won’t name here, held Macedonian and Austrian citizenship, with a previous conviction for terrorist associations.

After searching the suspect’s home, Vienna authorities had enough evidence to arrest 14 others after the deadly plot. Swiss police apprehended two others, which officials say was necessary because they had met in person with the gunman days before.

The attacker was a regular member of a mosque in the Ottakring area that the local Muslim community disavows. It is there that the authorities believe his radicalization took place.

Although the prison system says that the attacker convinced authorities that he no longer held extremist views, the local de-radicalization programming rejected that claim because no one had ever assessed him.

The victims of the attack were a 21-year-old football player and painter; a 24-year-old student working at one of the restaurants; a 39-year-old unidentified Austrian man, and a 44-year-old woman who worked for a nearby company.