Vatican News: Twitter and Reliable Sources of Information

Vatican City might be accessible through Rome, but it is considered a city-state under its own governance. That makes it a unique place in today’s world as only a handful of other communities can make such a claim.

Trying to find authentic news resources from Vatican City can be challenging. Because there is such a religious element to what happens there, dissemination occurs frequently. That’s especially true for those who only receive updates when attending mass.

It would help if you had something pure and unbiased, much like the products you’ll find through Alba Botanica, Dr. Mercola, or Sibu Beauty. When you can trust the messenger, then the reliability of what you receive is that much higher.

How to Get News from Vatican City

The fastest way to get the latest news updates from Vatican City is to visit the news website produced by the country.

Vatican News provides you with updated articles, a podcast, and a newsletter that allows you to review current events as they happen. The press office releases a daily bulletin that you can read, and there are social media links available to help you connect in other ways.

Vatican News also has a YouTube channel that includes a live camera so that you can see what is happening in real time. 

Pope Francis has a Twitter profile from which you can receive direct updates. You can find him at @Pontifex. The account was originally started by Pope Benedict XVI, so it will pass on to whoever becomes the next Pope as well.

The Catholic News Agency has an entire section of its website dedicated to presenting news from the Vatican in fair and unbiased terms. You can also link to their various social media and RSS feeds. 

If you want to visit the Vatican, then your national embassy will supply plenty of information about what you can expect from the experience. Millions of visitors get received in the city each year to see St. Peter’s Basilica, its museums, and many other highlights.

You can access tickets to a general audience with the Pope for free through the Prefecture of the Papal Household.

If you are planning to visit Vatican City, it is essential to remember the dress code. You’re not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts, short skirts, or shorts when entering St. Peter’s Basilica. Those rules also apply when attending an event on St. Peter’s Square.