Mount Everest Grows by 13 Feet

China and Nepal like to argue about numerous things, but Mount Everest’s height always inspired the greatest passions.

With the world’s tallest mountain serving as a tourism magnet, both nations took individualized measurements of Everest’s height.

China’s measurements have always been consistently lower than Nepal’s by approximately 11 feet.

In December 2020, the two countries released a joint announcement declaring that they’ve agreed upon an actual height. Mount Everest is now officially 29,032 feet high, or 8,848.6m. That means the official measurement is now 13 feet taller than China’s previous measures and about three feet taller than Nepal’s.

How Did This New Measurement Happen?

China and Nepal sent survey groups up Mount Everest from their respective sides of the mountain over the past two years. When the announcement of the height occurred, both sides pressed buttons to display the agreed-upon measurements.

Mount Everest lies on the border of China and Nepal in the Himalayas. Although the governments say that it represents their friendship, it has always been at the center of most disputes between the countries.

Some officials had concerns that the world’s tallest mountain had shrunk after the Nepal earthquake in 2015. After that event, which damaged one million structures and killed 9,000 people, it was decided that new surveys were necessary.

This research project is the culmination of one of Nepal’s and China’s most outstanding cooperative efforts. Nepal is also home to seven more of the world’s tallest 14 peaks, making it a bucket list destination for many.

When researchers first estimated Mount Everest’s height in 1856, they came to a number of 29,002 feet. That result stood until the Survey of India listed the mountain at 29,028 feet in 1954.

China’s figures were ten feet lower than Nepal’s because the government didn’t include the snow cap it felt was at the mountain’s summit.