Japan Mosquitoes: How they Deal with Bloodsucking Insects

Summertime in Japan means that high humidity levels settle over the islands. That makes it the perfect environment for mosquitoes.

Most people don’t mind the weather during this time of year. It’s the bloodsucking insects that everyone hates. 

That’s why you’ll find a variety of products available to keep these insects away when living here. You have two options from which to choose.

Items labeled as “kayoke” will repel the insects so that they don’t want to bite. Products that say they are “katori” will kill the mosquitoes.

Best Products that Repel Mosquitoes in Japan

Japanese culture emphasizes natural methods of relief from mosquitoes whenever possible. This is ideal for environmental reasons. That means each family can choose the products that make sense for their household to stop these insects.

These are the best choices that are currently on the market.

1. Mosquito Coils

This product is an incense stick that contains an insecticide. The smoke it creates will kill any mosquitoes that are buzzing nearby. You’ll find a variety of ceramic containers that hold the coils, although the pig is the most common option customers purchase.

2. Exterminating Mats

Instead of lighting an incense stick, this product releases a pesticide without any smell or smoke. Some of the mats can last for an entire day. You can choose from a battery-powered unit or one that requires an electrical outlet.

3. Liquid Exterminators

This item requires the owner to pour a liquid pesticide into a central container. Then a power source will propel it into the air to eliminate mosquitoes from the room. Most of the products found in this category can last for up to a month.

4. Skin Vape

This product is similar to the mosquito sprays that you’ll find in North America and Europe. They come with pleasant scents, such as vanilla, and Hello Kitty makes an appearance on many products. Some of them even contain skincare products like hyaluronic acid.

5. Earth Saratect

This unique mosquito repellent is also useful as a skincare lotion. It offers ceramide, collagen, vitamin C, and works with sensitive skin. Anyone who wants to use an item that’s free of perfumes and alcohol should consider this repellent option.

You can also find wrist bands and other wearables available in Japan to help stop the mosquitoes. If these insects do get to you, then Muhi can help to prevent the itching that occurs.