Reactions from Foreign Leaders Following the U.S. Presidential Election

When the 2020 Presidential election results made it to the media, multiple states were too close to call. Although Donald Trump was initially ahead by over 600,000 votes from the day’s tallies in Pennsylvania, the mail-in vote swung heavily in Joe Biden’s favor.

This trend happened in every potential swing state except for Arizona, where Trump received a more significant percentage of the mail-in vote.

At the end of the election, Biden would secure 306 electoral votes. That’s the same amount Trump received in the 2016 election.

The difference between the two is that Biden won the popular vote by over three percentage points.

How foreign leaders reacted to the U.S. Presidential election was quite varied.

List of Foreign Reactions to the American Election

Belarus: The government declared the American election to be a mockery of democracy. They took the opportunity to question if the OSCE would call for a revote in the United States.

Slovenia: The Prime Minister congratulated Donald Trump for winning the election on November 4. He continued to support this view, even when Biden became the projected winner on November 7.

China: The government waited until November 13 to congratulate Biden on his election victory. During a press conference, the foreign minister spoke to say that the country would “respect the choice” of the American people.

Russia: The government stated that they wouldn’t congratulate anyone until the election’s certified results become available. Vladimir Putin has said he will “respect the choice” of the American people (notice the similar comment to China’s outreach).

Brazil: Although president Jair Bolsonaro said that he would wait until any “fake votes” got taken out of the American election system, the country’s vice president had an interview on November 9 when he referred to “President Biden.”

Israel: Numerous leaders in multiple political parties reached out to the Biden-Harris campaign to congratulate them on their election victory.

Palestine: A senior official of Fatah congratulated Biden, saying “Nothing was worse than Trump’s era. His departure is a gain.”

Afghanistan: The Taliban endorsed Donald Trump in the American election. They did not accept Biden’s victory, although they later called Biden the “President-elect” and wrote a note expecting the promotion of peace.

Colombia: Instead of congratulating Biden, the country celebrated Trump’s defeat.