Police Arrest Truck Driver Protesters

The police in Canada have been using a lot of force to push back protesters who are demonstrating against COVID-19 and Justin Trudeau’s government. They arrested dozens, towed away trucks that were being used as platforms for demonstrations, then retook control after many hours with increased pressure from authorities having finally ended their march through downtown Ottawa since it began three weeks ago today.

The street in front of Parliament Hill, which houses many government buildings and includes the famous Tower building where tourists can see all sorts go about their day magic-like tricks done without any help from behind! It had been occupied by protesters since late last month turning into an impromptu carnival on weekends.

“They are trying to push us all away,” said one protester as authorities forced the crowds further from Parliament buildings. “The main camp is seized now; we’re no longer in possession of it.”

Canadian authorities announced that they have used emergency powers to seize 76 bank accounts connected with protesters, totaling roughly $3.2 million U S dollars!

The government has taken preventative measures and closed one bridge into Quebec, which means no more protesters coming from that direction.

The Ottawa police have been responding to the ongoing protest by including batons and helmets for their safety. “We told you,” they said in a tweet earlier today, addressing those who refused to leave after being ordered multiple times over an extended period of time.

The police said that one protester launched a gas canister and was promptly arrested.

More than 100 people were arrested, mostly on mischief charges. And nearly two dozen vehicles had been towed following demonstrations that blocked the city of Ottawa over recent days.

The tow truck operators arrived under police escort and started removing hundreds of big rigs, campers and other vehicles that were parked shoulder to shoulder near Parliament. They broke through the door on at least one camper before hauling it away.

The police broke up the Freedom Convoy, some in riot gear and carrying automatic weapons, leading hundreds of people in custody as truckers blared their horns.

The capital’s paralyzed streets represented the movement’s last stronghold after weeks of demonstrations and blockades that shut down border crossings into America. This created one of the most serious tests yet for Trudeau, who has come under fire by some Canadians for his handling of democracy in this country.

When Canada announced they would be requiring vaccines for truckers entering the country, it didn’t take long before demonstrations focused on this issue. The Freedom Convoy quickly morphs into an attack against COVID-19 precautions and Prime Minister Trudeau’s government in response to their new law about how much border security can be required when people come into our borders.

Residents in Ottawa have been complaining about being harassed and intimidated by the truckers. They obtained an injunction against the incessant honking.

Trudeau has been portrayed by many as being too lenient on the vaccine protesters. Canadians have largely embraced COVID-19 restrictions with an estimated 90% truckers vaccinated and even some regions easing their requirements recently.

Last weekend, authorities lifted the siege on borders after arresting dozens of protesters. The biggest border blockade disrupted auto parts flow between Canada and Michigan and halted production.

The final border blockade, in Manitoba, across from North Dakota, ended peacefully on Wednesday.

The protests have been cheered on and received donations from conservatives in the U.S.