Pfizer: Vaccine Booster Protects Against Omicron Variant

Immune System Support from companies like Transfer Point should be seriously considered in the current phase of the COVID pandemic.

The omicron variant was first spotted in South Africa and it is spreading quickly across the globe right now. It was declared by the companies that a Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 booster will provide more protection against the virus as compared to the initial 2 doses of the vaccine. 

It has been revealed by lad tests made by BioNTech and Pfizer that their vaccine’s third dose will be able to provide antibodies successfully that will be capable of neutralizing the omicron variant at present. In fact, individuals who have taken only 2 doses will be more susceptible to the virus in the long run.

The companies have unearthed that this omicron variant is capable of bypassing the immune protection offered by the existing vaccines as compared to the earlier strains. However, it is not known for sure to what extent this new variant will be able to go through the defenses of the body over time.

Blood samples taken from all those that have only received the initial doses of the vaccines revealed that not adequate antibodies were produced against the omicron variant. Thus it is evident that in spite of safeguarding us from severe infections, the initial doses might not be enough when it comes to protecting us from the new variant. However, one thing is for sure receiving 2 doses will be protecting us in a better way than no doses at all. 

It has been suggested by the authorities that folks that have attained the age of 18 ought to receive a booster 6 months after receiving the initial 2 doses of the Moderna or Pfizer series or a couple of months following the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which consists of a single dose only. However, more research has to be made regarding the effectiveness of the booster dose in the long run. 

black whiskered single-cutaway electric guitar

Simple Guitar Maintenance Tips the Pros Use

Are you an amateur or seasoned musician? Have you ever thought about what makes your favorite guitarists’ performances sound so good?

The guitar picks, strings and amps they use might be part of it, but another element is having a well-maintained instrument. Like cars, guitars need periodic tune-ups to perform at their best.

You can maintain your own guitar by following some simple tips every few months. Here are some things that professionals do to keep their guitars in tip-top shape.

Keep the Body Clean

Any time your picking hand strays from its home position on the neck of the guitar, or rests against the body while not playing, wipe away any crud that has collected there. Dirty surfaces can affect guitar sound, and can change the way your guitar strings feel when you play.

Regularly check the screws in your guitar to see if they require tightening or loosening. The neck should be tightened so that it doesn’t bow under tension, but the head shouldn’t be “cranked” so tightly that it pulls away from the guitar body. Check strap buttons to ensure they are secure. For this, you might find it handy to have a special capo-like tool for guitar maintenance . These types of tools can help you torque down guitar neck bolts without causing damage to the guitar neck itself. It’s also important to regularly check on guitar nut slot sizes , because worn slots will hamper string vibration, making them harder to bend.

Check Guitar Frets

Check guitar frets regularly to make sure none are sticking out past the edge of the fretboard. This can be a sign that your guitar needs a professional set-up or some fret work, which is done by filing down any high points on guitar frets with an extra-fine guitar file.

Guitar Strings

If you notice enough wear on your guitar strings that they aren’t holding their tuning, this may mean that you need to replace them more frequently than normal—or swap them for new guitar strings altogether. Unless you play your guitar every day, guitar strings lose their freshness surprisingly quickly—even if they don’t look worn or corroded. Many pros change their guitar strings every day.

There are guitar tools that can simplify guitar maintenance projects like changing guitar strings or adjusting guitar hardware, so keep this in mind when you are shopping for guitar gear.

The guitar strings themselves need to be checked and changed periodically, according to their condition and use—it’s a good idea to get in the habit of doing this every time you change your guitar’s strings. If you don’t replace them when needed, guitar strings can stretch out and become unplayable very quickly.

You should also check guitar tuners occasionally because loose or mis-adjusted tuning pegs will affect guitar sound and playability. Check the screws on the back of the guitar headstock and tighten any that are too loose. If they are too tight, they will pull up on the guitar face causing it to bow forward when tightened down all the way. In both cases, turning the tuning key in one direction will tighten it, and turning it in the opposite direction will loosen it.

Keep the Neck Clean and Oiled

An occasional cleaning with a guitar-safe cloth is generally all that’s needed to avoid dust buildup on any guitar surface—including guitar necks, fretboards, bridges and headstocks—that will affect tone. Although there are electric guitar polishes available commercially, they should be used sparingly because they coat the surface of the guitar in various substances that have their own effect on sound quality. A better choice is to wipe down your instrument with a clean cloth after playing, along with using a chamois leather to remove excess dust. Most guitar waxes and polishes contain guitar-harming ingredients like silicones, as well as guitar-safe ones like beeswax or carnauba wax.

Check guitar waxes and guitar polishes at your local music store before you buy them to make sure they won’t damage the guitar’s finish. Most guitar polishes should be wiped off with a clean cloth after a few minutes, but some guitar polishes can leave a sticky residue that is difficult to remove from your guitar without taking the finish off first—so check guitar polish instructions carefully before using them on acoustic or electric guitars.

There are many more things you can check on your guitar, but this list is a great place to start. Keep an eye on your guitar and talk to an expert if you need to — especially if you have any vintage guitars that need more careful maintenance. If you care for your guitar, you’ll have an instrument that stays with you for the long haul.

Did Russia’s COVID Vaccine Work?

Russia has had to manage about one million COVID-19 cases. Some experts believe that figure could be grossly under-reported. 

Local officials promised that they would begin creating and distributing a vaccine to protect the population from the easily spreadable coronavirus. On August 11, 2020, Putin’s government announced that they had done so successfully.

The vaccine was developed at the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology. They call the product Sputnik V. Russia believes it can produce up to 500 million doses annually.

Although initial studies show that the vaccine creates a desirable immune response, the degree of protection it offers is currently unknown.

What Are Long-Term Studies Needed for Vaccines?

Although several companies are at the same vaccine development stage as the Russian government, their products are still several months from being considered safe to use.

Russia has the benefit of avoiding litigation. If someone becomes ill or dies because they took the COVID-19 vaccine, that individual’s family has few legal options to pursue.

If that outcome were to happen in the United States, the family could pursue the company who made the vaccine for damages.

The first large-scale trials for Sputnik V launched in late August. Over 40,000 people, including Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, were scheduled to participate in the program.

Russia reports that world governments are requesting one billion doses of the new vaccine.

As of August 28, nine candidates are in late-stage trials, with all of them offering potential immune response benefits. Some have encountered difficulties since then, forcing the research to be put on hold while safety factors get evaluated.

Why Did Russia Work Hard to Have the First COVID Vaccine?

Whoever provides the first COVID vaccine to the world with documented safety evidence backing it stands to earn a small fortune.

Moderna is one of the companies outside of Russia with a viable COVID vaccine in late-stage trials. They are making deals with government providers at prices around $32 per dose. Since an annual update may be necessary, it could be a multi-billion-dollar windfall for the winner of the vaccine race.

Russia wants to cash in on that opportunity.

Most experts believe that the first vaccines should be available in 2021 for essential workers and at-risk groups. It may be September before it is ready for everyone to take.
Until then, remember to keep up with your healthy habits. Include items from brands like Enzymedica and Herb Pharm to give your immune system the help it wants.

How Journalists Can Approach Research Paper Editing

It’s been said that even the best writers need to have an editor help them find the mistakes that are in their copy. Programs like Grammarly make that process more manageable, but AI and automated spelling and grammar checkers aren’t 100% perfect.

It would be best if you still had human eyes look at written content to ensure that it is edited correctly.

When you’re writing a research paper, several steps are necessary to follow to reduce the number of errors that are in the composition. If you were writing about climate change business opportunities, presenting incorrect information to a business consortium could affect your credibility for a lifetime. 

Although every editing approach is a little different, it helps to start at the top and then work your way down.

6 Steps to Follow When Editing a Research Paper

  1. You must verify every factual assertion that’s made in the research paper. Double-check every name and reference, even if you “know” that they are correct. This step includes dates, numbers, and any other sourced information.
  2. Verify all of the mathematics included in the research paper. This step consists of any percentages or averages included. If you did any conversions during the composition phase of this piece, then check your units. Review your terminology and statistics.
  3. Verify comments and information made about organizations or individuals when making assertions. Don’t be satisfied with sending them an email. It is up to you as a journalist to exercise due diligence.
  4. Read through your research paper from beginning to end by vocalizing it. Do the words flow logically and easily? Does the conclusion you reach make sense given the facts that get presented? If you leave readers with unanswered questions, then the piece will not make its intended impact.
  5. Go through the piece one more time to look for typos and errors that were missed during the first reading. It helps to use an index card so that you can look at the content line-by-line to ensure accuracy.
  6. If you used parentheses in your research paper, then review them for consistency and correctness. When you see an open one, then skip forward to ensure there’s also a closed one. Then you’ll want to make sure that quotes are in pairs and that your periods are on the inside of the final quotation mark.

When you’ve gone through all of these steps, then have a trusted friend or colleague read a printed final draft of your research paper. Have them mark up the copy. Then you can verify the changes and enter them yourself.

Vatican News: Twitter and Reliable Sources of Information

Vatican City might be accessible through Rome, but it is considered a city-state under its own governance. That makes it a unique place in today’s world as only a handful of other communities can make such a claim.

Trying to find authentic news resources from Vatican City can be challenging. Because there is such a religious element to what happens there, dissemination occurs frequently. That’s especially true for those who only receive updates when attending mass.

It would help if you had something pure and unbiased, much like the products you’ll find through Alba Botanica, Dr. Mercola, or Sibu Beauty. When you can trust the messenger, then the reliability of what you receive is that much higher.

How to Get News from Vatican City

The fastest way to get the latest news updates from Vatican City is to visit the news website produced by the country.

Vatican News provides you with updated articles, a podcast, and a newsletter that allows you to review current events as they happen. The press office releases a daily bulletin that you can read, and there are social media links available to help you connect in other ways.

Vatican News also has a YouTube channel that includes a live camera so that you can see what is happening in real time. 

Pope Francis has a Twitter profile from which you can receive direct updates. You can find him at @Pontifex. The account was originally started by Pope Benedict XVI, so it will pass on to whoever becomes the next Pope as well.

The Catholic News Agency has an entire section of its website dedicated to presenting news from the Vatican in fair and unbiased terms. You can also link to their various social media and RSS feeds. 

If you want to visit the Vatican, then your national embassy will supply plenty of information about what you can expect from the experience. Millions of visitors get received in the city each year to see St. Peter’s Basilica, its museums, and many other highlights.

You can access tickets to a general audience with the Pope for free through the Prefecture of the Papal Household.

If you are planning to visit Vatican City, it is essential to remember the dress code. You’re not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts, short skirts, or shorts when entering St. Peter’s Basilica. Those rules also apply when attending an event on St. Peter’s Square.

Japan Mosquitoes: How they Deal with Bloodsucking Insects

Summertime in Japan means that high humidity levels settle over the islands. That makes it the perfect environment for mosquitoes.

Most people don’t mind the weather during this time of year. It’s the bloodsucking insects that everyone hates. 

That’s why you’ll find a variety of products available to keep these insects away when living here. You have two options from which to choose.

Items labeled as “kayoke” will repel the insects so that they don’t want to bite. Products that say they are “katori” will kill the mosquitoes.

Best Products that Repel Mosquitoes in Japan

Japanese culture emphasizes natural methods of relief from mosquitoes whenever possible. This is ideal for environmental reasons. That means each family can choose the products that make sense for their household to stop these insects.

These are the best choices that are currently on the market.

1. Mosquito Coils

This product is an incense stick that contains an insecticide. The smoke it creates will kill any mosquitoes that are buzzing nearby. You’ll find a variety of ceramic containers that hold the coils, although the pig is the most common option customers purchase.

2. Exterminating Mats

Instead of lighting an incense stick, this product releases a pesticide without any smell or smoke. Some of the mats can last for an entire day. You can choose from a battery-powered unit or one that requires an electrical outlet.

3. Liquid Exterminators

This item requires the owner to pour a liquid pesticide into a central container. Then a power source will propel it into the air to eliminate mosquitoes from the room. Most of the products found in this category can last for up to a month.

4. Skin Vape

This product is similar to the mosquito sprays that you’ll find in North America and Europe. They come with pleasant scents, such as vanilla, and Hello Kitty makes an appearance on many products. Some of them even contain skincare products like hyaluronic acid.

5. Earth Saratect

This unique mosquito repellent is also useful as a skincare lotion. It offers ceramide, collagen, vitamin C, and works with sensitive skin. Anyone who wants to use an item that’s free of perfumes and alcohol should consider this repellent option.

You can also find wrist bands and other wearables available in Japan to help stop the mosquitoes. If these insects do get to you, then Muhi can help to prevent the itching that occurs.

Top 100 News Sites You Need in Your Feed

Staying informed about what’s happening in the world is easier than ever, but there is a lot of white noise too. Getting the right information directly from a source you can trust is increasingly important. 

To help you find your next favorite news site, we curated a list of the top 100 news sites that you should consider bookmarking or adding to your RSS feed.

Make sure to sign up for newsletters on your favorite news websites when available to help you stay caught up throughout the week. Also consider buying a digital subscription to those websites you enjoy to support the content you trust. 

American News

  1. Reuters
  2. Five Thirty Eight
  3. NPR News
  4. Snopes
  5. Politico
  6. The New York Times
  7. Fox News
  8. The Hill
  9. The Washington Post
  10. CNN
  11. MSNBC
  12. NBC
  13. CBS
  14. ABC
  15. USA Today
  16. Wall Street Journal
  17. Los Angeles Time
  18. New York Post
  19. Newsweek
  20. Breitbart News Network
  21. Yahoo
  22. Buzzfeed 
  23. Huffington Post
  24. Chicago Sun-Times
  25. Newsday
  26. Miami Herald
  27. The Mercury News
  28. The Seattle Times
  29. The Denver Post
  30. Chicago Tribune

Global News

  1. Al Jazeera
  2. BBC News
  3. Associated Press 
  4. The Guardian
  5. Times of India
  6. The Moscow Times
  7. The Sun
  8. The Independent
  9. CBC News
  10. Vox
  11. South China Morning Post
  12. Sky News
  13. Africa News
  14. Korea Herald
  15. CTV News
  16. Toronto Sun
  17. Latin News
  18. Sky News
  19. Global News
  20. Telegraph

Entertainment and Technology News

Celebrity and Music

  1. E News
  2. TMZ
  4. Esquire
  5. Billboard
  6. Pitchfork
  7. Vulture


  1. Wired
  2. Tom’s Hardware
  3. CNET
  4. The Verge
  5. Tech Radar
  6. Ars Technica
  7. Digital Trends


  1. Collider
  2. Screen Rant
  3. CinemaBlend
  4. IMDB
  5. Empire
  6. MovieWeb
  8. IndieWire


  1. PC Gamer
  2. Kotaku
  3. Gamespot
  4. Polygon
  5. Eurogamer
  6. Destructoid
  7. GamesRadar+
  8. Eurogamer

Health News

  1. Science Daily
  2. Healthline
  3. Medical News Today
  4. Christian Science Monitor
  5. WebMD
  6. Everyday Health
  7. Health
  8. World Health Organization
  9. Vital Record
  10. Harvard Health

Financial News

  1. Business Insider
  2. The Motley Fool
  3. Forbes
  4. CNBC
  5. MarketWatch
  6. Bloomberg
  7. Investopedia
  8. Kiplinger
  9. Seeking Alpha
  10. Investors

The world is always changing, and so too are our favorite news websites. Take your time browsing each one to discover the content you want to make a part of your daily routine. You may even talk to a trusted friend or family member to get advice on their trusted news resource.

Keeping up with the daily news cycle can feel daunting, but once you spend some time learning about the different topics and familiarize yourself with writers and sources your enjoy, you won’t be able to start or end your day without checking our top 100 news sites list for even more content that is relevant to you.